I was always tinkering with something, building and fixing bicycles, which progressed to cars and landscaping equipment. Spending time on my Grandfathers farm gave me access to bigger equipment and more challenging farm machinery. I liked understanding how things work, and fixing them was really satisfying. I enjoyed the farm, the natural world – I bailed hay, drove around in the farm truck and cut and stacked wood.

I continued to explore the natural world in any way I could. I grew to love skiing and hiking. I hiked all forty eight of the 4,000 footers in New Hampshire. I continue that jouney now in Vermont and New York as I introduce with my son to wonders of an outdoor lifestyle.

Wandering in the outdoors led me to photography. Once I discovered that I read everything I could get my hands on and it became more clear that was my future was behind a camer of some kind. Then I grabbed what gigs I could filming small events. Which grew to a gig at Vassar and then up to directing various classical music performances and concerts.

I like to to travel, and I’m good at it. That has opened up opportunites all around the country. You might have found me dangling off a steep slope or working with ESPN and FOX Sports at a multitude of events.

In my free time now I am a dad – first and formost. I am a regular chaperone and school volunteer. I’m very active with my son both in and out of school. Taking regular excursions, sometimes including my parents who are always up for an adventure.